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02-17-14 – Farewell Alley

Filed under: Uncategorized — ddmckenna at 6:59 pm on Monday, February 17, 2014

Rest in peace my sweet little darling Alley. I will miss you so much.

I got her an antibiotic pill instead of the liquid, it worked.  I gave her as much Nutrical as I could, and bought all kinds of cat food for her to eat, she seemed to like Newman’s Own liver the best – maybe because of her anemia. She sweetly licked about a total of a can a day off the fork or spoon I would hold for her while she sat curled in her little closet bed.  She came out to use the litterbox but the rest of her time she spent in the closet. Her test came back – she didn’t have FIP.  They said that they could do more tests to try and find out whether it might be cancer or heart disease – and then we would know how long she might live.  Not how to save her… simply information on how long before she will die.  Since she was barely eating and never coming out of the closet I wasn’t sure it would be a good idea to drag her out to the vet and put her through being shaved and poked and prodded – possibly forced to go under anesthesia – would she even live through something like that? I told them I thought I would hold off and we will see if the Lasix and Nutrical could get her back to some stronger place then we would think about more tests.  However she didn’t even make it another few days after that phone call.  On Saturday she stopped eating, and on Sunday she wouldn’t drink either.  I brought her in on Monday morning after we sat outside in the sunshine and I told her all the things I loved about her and petted her and cried. I already miss her so much. My mom came with me to bring her to the vet.  She waited outside while I took Alley into the examining room.  I petted and hugged her and told her all my favorite memories while she fell asleep and then they came in and gave her the injection.  I will get her ashes back in a few days.










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