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Misty Grey

She has things to do, like occupying sunbeams, drinking out of the bathroom sink, and being beautiful – on four legs, or three!

03-12-14 – Ultrasound

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Poor little girl had a hard day: fasted, visited the vet where she got sedated, her belly and leg shaved, and had an ECG and ultrasound, then rode home in a strange car with a stranger driving. She even has razor burn.

Her abdomen is fine, nothing funny going on there.  She is healthy.  I asked my vet if that and the oncologist’s information had changed her opinion – if it were her cat would she go forward with the amputation?  She said if it were her cat, no she wouldn’t.

I have gone ahead and scheduled the surgery anyway. I don’t feel that I have any choice, the alternatives have been explained to me very clearly and they are horrible.  Yes, I understand that Misty’s heart arrhythmia makes the surgery more dangerous, but there isn’t really much of a choice.  There are anesthetics that are very gentle on the heart, and we have made sure she is healthy, which she is – as healthy as you could ask for a cat to be.  Seeing Misty beside my poor little Alley as she wasted away last month, I realize this cat is bursting with health.  She will make it.


And lots of fun with the car, I want to tell this story here because of the kindness and exemplary service Misty and I received from Honda:

This morning my car had to be jump-started to get Misty to the vet. I brought her in, then stopped at the post office, the grocery store, and home to look up the info for the Honda dealer. All without turning it off, since I was afraid it would then not start again. I got to the dealer and they diagnosed it: alternator, which I JUST REPLACED in Jan 2013, was over-charging the battery. Having kept the car running, I was apparently allowing the alternator to over-charge it continuously to the point that it had started to swell and even leak. The technician told me that if I had kept driving it, it could have exploded.

The alternator is still under warranty, but the labor was only under warranty for 12 months, so I get the replacement part for free but have to pay for the labor. And a new, un-swelled un-leaky battery.

When I told them I had to go get Misty from the vet, they had a shuttle driver bring me all the way there – 40 miles! and then home. I am not happy about the cost of this newest little disaster in a long line of disasters lately, but I am very grateful to Honda for the way they have taken care of me. I guess if they didn’t drive me I’d have had to take a taxi, since no public transportation seems to run between Davenport (vet’s office) and Clermont (Honda). Or anywhere near my house, which is midway between them and ~20 miles from each location. Neither trip is too bad by itself, but they add up when put together.



She’s happy to be home, and doesn’t seem to care about the bare shaved belly.  🙂

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