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Misty Grey

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03-26-14 – The Day of Surgery

Filed under: Uncategorized — ddmckenna at 5:51 am on Wednesday, March 26, 2014

So this morning when I dropped Misty off they told me 12 not 11. Which means I should expect at least 1. Not noon. I am trying not to fret, but that’s hard.

1:24 pm: Misty came through surgery just fine, she is waking up now. They are going to keep her overnight, possibly two nights, but I am to call them in the morning and they will give me an update and a time when I can come visit her. I feel like I should be there so that at least she knows she still has her human, she has never been at the vet overnight and she might not know she is ever coming home.

Last week I had to drive to Ocala over an hour away to get her pain meds, there is a compounding pharmacy there that does veterinary meds – it was gabapentin (neurontin). I brought it in with her this morning.

4:30 pm: I miss my Misty. I am wishing I had been more pushy and bugged the vet to let me see her today. When they called me I was too worked up with nerves to think to ask. And then I was afraid to call back and ask because they said to call tomorrow to find out when I can see her. Tomorrow can’t come fast enough.

 Now that I am done with work I am going through the jobs web site again and submitting resumes for more jobs… that’ll keep me busy for awhile. Besides I need to find something before (if) she needs chemo… to be able to afford it.

They will biopsy the growth, now that it has been removed, and they also took her lymph node so we will find out if it metastasized.  If it did then we will give her time to heal and after that she might need chemo. I will talk with the oncologist again and come up with a plan after the results of the biopsy and lymph node come back.

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