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Misty Grey

She has things to do, like occupying sunbeams, drinking out of the bathroom sink, and being beautiful – on four legs, or three!

04-08-14 – Day 13 After Surgery

Filed under: Uncategorized — ddmckenna at 3:39 pm on Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Misty has been super cuddly and clingy the past couple days.  She has spent most of every night snuggled up against me in bed, and whenever, wherever I sit down she follows and sits as close as she can get – on my lap if possible.  This morning I woke up and found her like this, on my pillow with her face about two inches from mine.



I think she really likes how soft the pillow is compared to most other places she could sleep. The only other spot comparable to the pillow would probably be the couch. But that’s downstairs and she can’t keep tabs on the humans during the night from down there.  The bed is big enough that I was thinking maybe I should give her a pillow of her own.




From reading other people’s blogs, I see that it is pretty typical that sometimes cats who are in pain become standoffish and uncuddly, and that they usually return to being more cuddly and comfortable with close contact after the source of their pain is removed.  So I am wondering if Misty’s increased cuddliness is actually a return to what would have been normal for her all along.  Perhaps the leg had been bothering her for a longer time… and that might explain why she didn’t act like it was any big thing by the time I discovered it.

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April 8, 2014 @ 5:49 pm   Reply

Misty looks so comfy, what a sweetie. Yes, I do agree with your theory; many times our animals are in pain for so long that we don’t even see it. It’s not until that bad leg is removed that their real pawsonality shines through. This is the real Misty, how hoppy that makes all of us! xoxo

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