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Misty Grey

She has things to do, like occupying sunbeams, drinking out of the bathroom sink, and being beautiful – on four legs, or three!

04-09-14 – Day 14 After Surgery – Stitches Comparison

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So it has been two weeks.  Misty is curled up on my lap right now as I write this.  She sleeps there much more comfortably now than she did the first day she tried it.  I have been putting a blanket over my lap, it helps her feet not fall down between my knees when she curls in that direction.  They still get in her way sometimes even though she has one less. I don’t have any particularly different photos for today so I thought I’d put together a comparison like some of the other bloggers did – people seem to appreciate that, and I found it interesting.   The photos are stretched – I am not really sure why it does that, and  I can’t find any way to fix it, but if you click on them then they are correctly proportioned again.  I’ve made two comparisons, one is how it looks when she is sitting up, the other is when she is lying down.  I didn’t get any very clear shots of the scar early on, at least that are coming up on my google auto-back-ups, so the Day 3 photo is kind of blurry, and there isn’t one from her lying down that early so the earlier one in that pair is from Day 6.  I am glad to see the difference and realize her fur is growing back finally.  I think everything looks ship-shape, but I can’t wait til tomorrow when she gets those stitches out – they seem like they must be pulling on her skin, and the ends are kind of prickly and some of them now poke back toward her now from her sleeping on them – they MUST be itchy.  She’s been very good about not messing with them, though she seems more and more interested in licking the area.  She’s gotten more energetic about cleaning the rest of herself too since she stopped receiving the buprenorphine.

Misty Recovery D6 D11


Misty Recovery D3 D11

Speaking of the buprenorphine and the cleaning of Misty, that stuff seemed to give her some digestive troubles that made the litterbox a rather treacherous place for a kitty figuring out how to maneuver on three legs. She’s never been very competent about covering things up – it’s not that she doesn’t try – she is very good about flinging litter around within the box and out of it… but none of it lands on the things she is TRYING to cover.  And the loss of one leg hasn’t improved her ability in that regard. We’ve had more than one evening where one or more of her paws exited the litterbox in a smelly, litter-encrusted state. That means I ended up chasing her around with wet paper towels and waterless bath to try and clean her paws before she got them onto anything important.  And a couple of times where I found out after the fact and had some cleaning to do.  Luckily I’ve got lots of little fleece blankets strategically placed in all her favorite sleeping spots around the house – she loves them and thinks they are for her, and she commandeers them wherever I leave one unguarded.  Since she was tired and groggy from the meds she would almost always beeline right back to a sleeping spot after getting up to use the litterbox, and settle down to either sleep or pull the mess off her paws.  This means most of my cleaning other than her paws themselves  has consisted of whisking away the dirty blanket, shaking it off into the trash, throwing it into the wash (sometimes with a little pre-cleaning), and replacing it with a clean one.

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