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Misty Grey

She has things to do, like occupying sunbeams, drinking out of the bathroom sink, and being beautiful – on four legs, or three!

Sunshine Kitty says “Good morning!”

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Just saying hi. This is the end of my third week at the new job. Misty seems to be glad to see me when I get home, she gets very cuddly. And in the mornings too. She seems to be having trouble keeping things in the litterbox again, I’m trying he to figure out how to help her with that. Trying a new “senior kitty” litter by Dr.Elsey – let’s see if that helps.





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It’s been a couple weeks since I posted – I started my new job this week and things have been hectic. Here’s a happy Saturday morning photo of the lovely Misty:


07-25-14 – 17 Weeks After Surgery – Home Away From Home

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Misty and I have been at my mom’s for the past week. Misty has been being kept isolated in the craft room when nobody is there to keep the other cats from bullying her. She seems not to mind – she sleeps on a cat bed that sits in front of a screen window where she can look down upon the world from the second story, and when she is interested in deeper sleep she curls up in the closet which we’ve been leaving ajar for her. She really likes to sit in the backyard too, especially when she remembers there is catnip out there.

Exploring Mom's back yard on a visit to upstate NY!

Exploring Mom’s back yard on a visit to upstate NY!

Here’s a video of Misty shortly after we arrived at Mom’s. She looooves the catnip plant!

Action shot: Exploring Mom's neighborhood on a sunny morning.

Action shot: Exploring Mom’s neighborhood on a sunny morning.

There’s been one incident: while I was out she got into it with Mom’s big male cat Vapor – he was keeping her from accessing the litterboxes and she finally got desperate and made a run for it, but he caught her and in the tussle she leaked. Poor little girl. The other female cat Bitterblue came over to join in the fray and Mom had to separate them all. While Mom was putting the other cats in other rooms (and getting scratched by a very feisty Vapor) Misty finally got to safely run for the litterbox but didn’t quite make it and left a more solid type of mess on the floor too. When Mom came back to put her into the craft room she was still so agitated that she had to be wrapped in a towel to be carried into the room.

So now the cats are being kept separate even when we are here. They take turns having time to sit out in the back yard and at night mom’s cats are confined to her room and Misty sleeps with me.

Other than that, Misty is happy enough, she has made this her home with not much fuss.

Chilling on Mom's couch which would be our bed right now if her cute presence hadn't sapped my will to pull it out and blow up the mattress and make the bed...

Chilling on Mom’s couch which would be our bed right now if her cute presence hadn’t sapped my will to pull it out and blow up the mattress and make the bed…


A nice shady spot to hang out and watch the world go by.

A nice shady spot to hang out and watch the world go by.

"Pardon me, but this dish is empty. Would you mind terribly refilling it please? It was full five minutes ago but somehow it all seems to have disappeared. Many thanks, carry on!"

“Pardon me, but this dish is empty. Would you mind terribly refilling it please? It was full five minutes ago but somehow it all seems to have disappeared. Many thanks, carry on!”

My Little LapCat

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Misty doesn’t really like riding in the car, so she huddles on my lap and tries to sleep through the ordeal. Once in awhile she wakes up and meows shrilly, to let me know she’s displeased to still be stuck in the car. While the car is moving she eats and uses the litterbox only when desperate. So I make sure to give her a chance whenever the car stops.

This is how she spent most of the ride. You can see how nicely her fur has grown in, and the line between the old fur and the newly grown patch.

By the way, I used to try to put her in a cat carrier when I had to bring her places in the car. However,  when she is put into the carrier Misty instantly grows an extra dozen legs and fights like her life depends on it not to go in. Then, once you finally get her inside, those extra legs dissolve into a disgusting puddle of urine, poo, and vomit, which she gets all over herself and you when you take her out. Therefore we do a leash and harness instead – though since she had her surgery I’ve been doing a collar instead of a harness. I don’t figure that letting a cat climb around in the car is any less dangerous than doing so with a dog, and plenty of people bring their dogs in the car without a carrier. And it’s much, much less messy and traumatic for me and Misty this way. image

07-15-14 – 16 Weeks After Surgery

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Misty and I are headed to NY via car to spend the week with family, to celebrate my aunt’s wedding this weekend and my brother’s next weekend. Our other human is travelling too, so she can’t stay home alone.  We didn’t get to leave until after 2 pm because (hooray!) I had a job interview! It’s the second job interview in about a week, so here’s to hoping one of them pans out.

These were taken around 11 at night, somewhere in Georgia not too far south of the Tennessee border. Whenever we stop Misty likes to get on my lap and look out the window to see if we are there yet. We will be stopping in Kentucky where we are spending the night with my cousin who will carpool the rest of the way to New York with us.

Misty Checking to See if We're There Yet

Checking to See If We Are There Yet

Misty’s Squeak

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This is Misty’s version of the silent meow. It comes out of her as a squeak and I just think it’s the cutest thing ever.


07-10-14 – 15 Weeks After Surgery

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imageI have been trying to post every Wed but I had a job interview yesterday and didn’t pause for any photo taking all day long. So here’s Misty this morning being lovey.

Her fur is almost completely grown in but I can still see a detectable difference in length. It would be very difficult to notice or know where to look if it weren’t for the difference in fur color to mark the border.

I’ve cut way back on the variety of food I’ve been feeding her. Just her hypoallergenic stuff (canned and kibble) and single-ingredient treats either out of the freezer or bought freeze-dried. I am still not sure her ears aren’t bothering her. She seems to REALLY relish it when I rub them and I can’t tell whether it’s because she just likes it or because they itch.

07-02-14 – 14 Weeks After Surgery

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Misty was sitting on the couch propped up against the back in this goofy position  washing her shoulder and I walked by with the camera in my hand (I had been photographing slugs and spiders in my yard). She stopped and stared at me so I took some photos of her.  I think she was posing for me.

Her fur is sooo close to being grown back in.  I can still see a difference in length but I don’t think someone would be likely to notice without knowing to look for it.

Earlier I was sitting on the couch with my laptop on my lap and she got all catnipped-up and she hopped up onto the couch and tried to get in my lap.  She didn’t like cuddling with the laptop and my moving fingers so she scrunched up against my hip and hung over my elbow as close to me as she could, purring the whole time.  Such a cuddly little sweetie! I of course took some time out to scritch her and hug her.


06-25-14 – 13 Weeks After Surgery – Sunbeam

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Misty is sound asleep in her afternoon sunbeam on the couch. Her little paws are twitching in her sleep and she looks so cute that I don’t even want to pet her because that would cause her to wake up and move. <3


06-18-14 – 12 Weeks after surgery

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I’ve been gone for almost two weeks – drove to the Northeast for a friend’s wedding and left Misty and my plants in the care of my fiancé. I also forgot to post anything on Wed June 3 as that was my day of departure – sorry!

Misty was fine while I was gone, except that she decided either that she hated her litter or that she was entitled to have a temper tantrum or both, and spent almost the entire time pooping on the floor next to the box instead of in it. So yesterday I stopped at the store on my way home and got unscented litter, and changed it when I got home. She seems fine now that I’m home, other than her usual problems stepping in it even in a completely clean box. I’ve got no way to tell whether the reason for the improvement is due to the change in litter or my return. Ah well, all’s well that ends well. Til the next time I leave her and we see whether the litter makes any difference.

Here’s a photo of my darling girl from today, which is also 12 weeks since her surgery. She still loves to drink out of the faucet. And the missing leg doesn’t seem to cause her a bit of trouble balancing in the sink while she drinks.



Here’s a photo showing her back. There’s still a difference in fur length, and as I expected the browned ends will be a noticeable demarcation even once it’s fully grown in. But it’s beginning to be less noticeable. And when I pet her I can’t feel any difference at all.


One last photo: she helped me harvest some of my basil this evening so I could make pesto for the first time ever:


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